We all collect treasures, things, and “stuff” over the years.  Moving to a smaller home or one with limited storage–perhaps without a basement– can be nerve-racking. Consider hiring an expert to ease the burden!

Typically, The National Association of Move Managers is a great resource and move managers often will do as much or as little as someone requests.  Some realtors will also help facilitate a downsize.  I have a good deal of expertise in this area and can assist with those services, whether they be small or large scale. 

When moving to a senior community, the process has unique characteristics and many steps that should be tailored to the community and the person moving. It is good to note that many senior communities may allow a grace period where the proceeds from the house sale are received after the move into the senior community.  This can be great leverage to someone who would want to use items in their house as staging for short term before bringing those items to their new senior community home.  It also allows movers to get rid of items after a move-out and before the house is sold.  When professionals are assisting, the downsizing process typically takes 2-3 weeks for any size house. 

The number one mistake folks make is treating all the various professionals working on the house sale and downsizing, but clients will be best serviced by allowing them to overlap and communicate together to ensure the client gets the best deal.  When people are looking to move, it is best to consider how those who will help with downsizing, staging, contracts, and marketing will work together for the best-coordinated effort to sell your home. 

This link below is an amazing story and triumph of the classic experience a senior has with moving and good tips. Washingtonian Downsizing Link