Your home office is a place that should nourish your creativity and enhance your productivity. But often, that’s not the case. Home offices can frequently turn into messy, neglected corners that drive us to work from the kitchen table or the couch instead. If you desperately need to update your own home office, check out these five tips.

1. Think both functional and fashionable.
Your space should inspire you and reflect both your personality and unique interests. In addition, your home office should be functional and organized. Embracing both of these aspects will ensure that you stay motivated and on-task, while also adding a fun backdrop to your working hours. 

2. Add some greenery.
Vibrant houseplants help to keep you calm and balanced, and they also clean the air! The fact that they’re visually pleasing is just the cherry on top. For a low maintenance option, choose either a snake plant or a ZZ plant. 

3. Decorate with art.
The art in your home should energize you and motivate you. Whether you want inspirational quotes on your walls or classic artistic images, choose pieces that make you feel good.

4. Embrace natural light.
Natural light will make your home office feel bigger and brighter. It will also help you stay awake and alert. If your home office is dark and dim, you’ll feel more inclined to take breaks and nap.

5. Decorate with your favorite colors.
The colors you choose don’t have to be trendy…they just have to speak to you. If you don’t have a dedicated home office where you can paint the walls, pick fun colors for your filing cabinet, post-it notes, notebooks, pens, and more!