The home buying process isn’t always quick and easy. If you’re having trouble locking down a home or even finding one that meets your desired expectations, you might have to adjust your search criteria. Here are five ways to troubleshoot your search and improve your results.

1. Consider other neighborhoods.
If you’re having trouble finding an affordable home in the area of your dreams, you might have to change course. It’s not likely that the perfect home will suddenly appear in your price range, and if it does, competition will be fierce. Look into some different neighborhoods, and see if somewhere else could suit your needs.

2. Open your mind to light cosmetic work.
Many buyers want a move-in ready home, which is completely understandable. However, sometimes there’s a lot of potential in homes that need light repairs. Tour a few homes that need some TLC, and use your imagination Sometimes, a fresh coat of paint can totally transform a space.

3. Be willing to compromise.
It’s often difficult for couples to compromise on home requirements. Whether one half of the couple won’t budge or both parties are stubborn about their wants and needs, it’s not always easy to agree. Thing long and hard about your short-term and long-term needs. Can you find a compromise that will feel good for you both?

4. Save some extra cash.
If you’re really struggling to find what you want in your price range, consider trying to find creative ways to make some extra cash that you can set aside for the down payment. You might be able to use gift funds from family members or simply shop around and see which bank can give you the best deal. 

5. Rent for one more year.
You shouldn’t feel pressured into buying a home. It has to be the right time and under the right circumstances. If things aren’t working out, consider waiting another year. Don’t rush into buying just because your lease is about to expire. Sometimes, holding off for another year is exactly what you need in order to save some extra money and improve your credit score.