If you want good neighbors, you must be a good neighbor. Here are five ways you can befriend the entire neighborhood. 

1. Bring baked goods.
This is the perfect way to break the ice and let neighbors know that you’re thinking of them. Kind gestures typically gain a positive response from others. 

2. Don’t gossip.
Unfortunately, neighborhood gossip is a real thing. The next time your nosy neighbor begins to spill the local tea, redirect the conversation to them. Ask what they’re growing in their garden or what kind of flowers they recently planted. Gossip is childish and never appreciated.

3. Be eager to help.
Instead of saying, “Let me know if you need anything!”, take initiative and do something. Anticipate your neighbor’s needs before they have to ask. If they have young children and you’re up for babysitting, extend the offer. If they’re older and struggle to mow the lawn when it’s sweltering hot outside, ask what time you can come by and do the job for them.

4. Be clean and tidy.
Don’t go overboard with lawn decorations. Keep your trash bins hidden when they’re not in use. Put away lawn tools when you head inside. Rake leaves, dispose of unused mulch, mow the lawn, and pressure wash your house a few times a year. Your neighbors will appreciate your home maintenance.

5. Communicate well and often.
If something is bothering you, or you anticipate that something you’re doing might be bothering them, reach out for a genuine, heartfelt conversation. Apologize when necessary, and voice any concerns you might have in a kind and patient way. This will help you avoid arguments and explosive confrontations down the road.