Purchasing a home is a long, stressful process. Some buyers take years to complete the process, while others find their dream home relatively quickly. Quality real estate agents can accommodate buyers whenever they need assistance. However, buyers can sometimes make life hard for their real estate agents. Here are five ways you’re making your agent’s job more difficult.

1. Being secretive about negotiations
After you’ve solidified a deal, you should never go behind your agent’s back and try to negotiate the price down even further. If you aren’t comfortable with the current deal, be honest with your agent. If it’s not meant to be, you’ll eventually find a home that better fits your needs. 

2. Lowballing the seller
The home you want is fairly priced based on recent comparable sales. Despite this, you offered $100k less than the asking price and won’t budge because you can’t afford more. Lowball offers are a waste of time for everyone. It’s okay to offer less than the asking price, but you have to be realistic.

3. Asking for too much during the showing
It’s typical to ask for a private showing several times before you purchase a property. However, it’s a little too much if you show up with a designer, architect, contractor, and some friends, just to spend hours hanging out and measuring rooms. This is counterproductive, especially if you don’t even end up making an offer.