Selling your home is a long and tiresome process, and it’s essential that you connect with the right buyer. Because of the pandemic, most people have been looking for real estate listings online, as opposed to in person. This makes the process easier for the buyer, but much harder for the seller! Not only do you have to make your house look immaculate, but now you also have to take aesthetic pictures. Don’t have too much experience with this? Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered. Below are five tips that will help you get the best possible pictures of your home. 

  1. Organize And Clean
    Cleaning up your home before taking pictures for the listing will help you get all the clutter away and also help you explore and decide what parts of your home you would like to highlight in the real estate listing. This will also help you organize your space in order to make it look picture perfect! 

  2. Stage Your Space
    Once your home is clean, you can stage it to look new and sleek for your potential buyers. Making sure it looks new and unused is key. Closed toilet seats, clean and clear windows, and tidy beds are all essential. In order to highlight your special spaces, adding a pop of color, like a painting on a bare wall, can make the space enticing. However it’s important to not overdo it, as too much can also look gaudy and out of place.

  3. Get The Lighting Right
    Lighting is key for good photos. If you have large windows, highlight them. Natural light is a great selling point for homes, and shooting during the middle of the day maximizes the light in your photos, also making your space look bright and large. 

  4. Take Multiple Photos
    Taking lots of photos and then choosing which looks the best by comparing them side by side often helps you pick out the best shots. Taking sample photos is also a great idea, allowing you to identify best practices before you’ve taken too many pictures from the wrong angles. Using different angles, especially wide ones, will help your home appear spacious. 

  5. Use Good Equipment
    Using the right kind of camera while taking your home photos is very important. A cell phone camera may not cut it for the kind of resolution and quality you need for your home listing. Using a professional or semi professional camera ensures that you get the best pictures. Also using photoshop or comparable software to brighten and enhance your photos before posting them on your home listing can help improve them.