Are summer winds down, should you consider selling your vacation home? The short answer is: Maybe. Here are a few reasons selling your vacation home might be a smart move. 

1. The demand for vacation homes is still high.
Because remote work is still the norm for many homeowners, vacation homes are still a hot commodity. In fact, recent data shows we’ll probably see an increase in the rate of remote work over the next five years. That means your vacation home could be highly desired by select buyers who can work from anywhere. 

2. Selling your vacation home could allow you to upgrade your day-to-day home.
Buyer competition is high when demand is high. And when competition is strong, buyers will go to great lengths to make their offer as appealing as possible. If you sell now, you’ll be able to reap these benefits and pick the offer with the best possible terms. This offer could give you the chance to buy the home of your dreams for your day-to-day life. 

Overall, buyers are still extremely interested in vacation homes. Now that summer is coming to a close, it’s a great time to consider selling yours.