Landscape lightingis growing in popularity as more people are wanting to get the most out of their outdoor living spaces throughout the year. Part of the reason this demand has grown is thanks to the greater awareness and promotion of professional landscape lighting. Not only do consumers know that they want these lighting systems, but they also have a better idea of how they want their property to look after the project. “Studies from companies like Houzz and organizations like the National Association of Landscape Professionals (NALP) are also finding that homeowners are now listing outdoor lightingas one of their “most wanted” landscape upgrades.

Plants often take center stage when it comes to landscaping, but exterior lighting adds both aesthetic and functional benefits to your home. Landscape lighting ranges from small solar lights that need no wiring to wall-mounted lights that are hardwired into your home’s electrical system. Understanding the advantages of outdoor lighting helps you choose the type of lighting that matches your needs.


The obvious advantage to landscape lighting is the enhancement to your home’s appearance. The lights make your home and landscaping visible even after dark. When positioned properly, landscape lights make architectural features of the home pop out. Lights pointed at your favorite plants make the most of your landscaping at all times of night and day. Outdoor lights add a sense of drama to your landscaping. The illumination makes your house stand out by boosting the curb appeal at night.


Landscape lighting increases the functionality of your outdoor spaces. With proper lighting, you can use your front and backyard long after the sun goes down. Flood lights attached to the house provide a large amount of general light to brighten a patio area or a portion of the yard. Lights attached to deck posts illuminate the area for late-night dining or conversations. For additional lighting around a patio table, special lights are available to attach to the table umbrella.

Home Security

Lights illuminating your home’s exterior makes the house less of a target for crimes like vandalism or burglary. A criminal cannot approach your home as easily and has fewer hiding spots in the landscaping with a well-lit exterior. Illuminating entrance points, like doors and windows, with lights makes it difficult for a potential burglar to break in unnoticed. When choosing where to place landscape lighting for security, consider the darkest areas of the yard and the places near the home where a burglar could enter.

Personal Safety

The safety of your family and guests when outside or entering the home is another benefit of outdoor lighting. Home exteriors are full of potential dangers, like stairs, drop-offs, pools and tripping hazards. Lighting near those hazards makes them visible to prevent a fall or other injury. Lights that illuminate the driveway, walkways and house numbers allow visitors to find your home safely and with ease.

  Increased Home Value

Studies done by the National Association of Realtors indicates that well-done landscape lighting can increase your home’s value by up to 20%.

Regardless of whether you are planning to sell your home in the near future or not, increasing its value is desirable both for you and your community.

A well-planned, and well-executed residential landscape design adds up to 20% to your home’s value!

Here are 3 ways how:

1.Curb-appeal: Adding light to any outdoor space enhances its beauty. This applies especially to the landscape of your house. By highlighting your lawn, the walkway, and any other aesthetics, you make your house more pleasing to the eye, and in the process, increase its market value. Professionally installed, subtle lighting can even make the space appear larger.

2.Safety and security: Intruders work in the dark. Luminescent outdoors is an effective way of keeping them at bay. It gives the owner a sense of authority over the events taking place in his or her own house, which is one of the primary reasons, why both lighting professionals and real estate agents recommend landscape lighting. Also, lighting your path can easily prevent falls.

3.Warm & Cozy: Whether you are planning to sell the house or stay in it for a long time, you want to make it feel like home. Proper lighting, and cozy additions like a fire pit, can be just the things you need.